August 1, 2023, MELVILLE, N.Y. – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leading player in the digital imaging solutions industry, has taken the world of surveillance technology by storm with the much-anticipated launch of the Canon MS-500. This groundbreaking camera not only boasts the title of being the world’s first ultra-high-sensitivity interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) equipped with a Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) sensor but also takes pride in featuring the world’s highest pixel count on its 1-inch SPAD sensor – an impressive 3.2 megapixels. Canon first revealed the development of this groundbreaking camera in April 2023, and visitors at NAB 2023 had the privilege of witnessing a working sample of the MS-500 in action.

High-precision monitoring systems are paramount in areas with stringent security requirements, such as seaports, public infrastructure facilities, and national borders, necessitating accurate surveillance both day and night. The MS-500 rises to this challenge as the world’s first ultra-high-sensitivity camera with a SPAD sensor, achieving a minimum subject illumination of an astounding 0.001 lux. Combined with ultra-telephoto broadcast lenses, the MS-500 opens up the possibility of capturing clear, vivid color videos of subjects located several miles away, even during the darkest hours. This incredible capability strengthens Canon’s ultra-high-sensitivity camera lineup, alongside the ME20 and ML Series, ensuring the company is fully equipped to cater to diverse customer needs in the advanced surveillance market.

Unraveling the Technology Behind the MS-500: SPAD Sensor and Broadcast Lenses

At the heart of the MS-500′s exceptional performance lies the SPAD sensor, leveraging a revolutionary technology called “photon counting.” This innovative technique counts individual light particles (photons) entering each pixel. The incoming photons are then amplified approximately one million times and extracted as digital signals, making it possible to detect even the faintest amount of light. A key advantage of SPAD sensors is that each photon is digitally counted, which eliminates the introduction of additional noise during signal readout, ensuring pristine image quality. This remarkable feat allows the MS-500 to deliver crystal-clear color videos even in extremely low-light conditions as challenging as 0.001 lux.

The MS-500 boasts a built-in industry-standard B4 bayonet lens mount, based on BTA S-1005B standards, which is widely used for 2/3-inch broadcast lenses. This versatile lens mount provides operators with access to Canon’s extensive lineup of broadcast lenses, enhancing the camera’s adaptability to various shooting scenarios.

Enhancing Visibility with Custom Picture Functions

Canon has integrated a range of custom picture functions into the MS-500 to improve visibility and counteract potential issues arising from noise and atmospheric turbulence, especially in dark environments and long-range surveillance applications. Among these functions is CrispImg2, a Custom Picture preset mode that optimizes resolution and contrast while effectively suppressing image noise. This standard setting can be found in the custom picture menu, providing users with a reliable tool to ensure high-visibility videos regardless of the time of day or night.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to create their own custom picture profiles, allowing for adjustments and the preservation of image quality settings tailored to specific shooting environments. This feature empowers operators to overcome challenges posed by adverse conditions and maintain top-notch video quality at all times.

The MS-500 further incorporates Haze Compensation and Smart Shade Control features, which work synergistically to diminish the effects of haze and mist while dynamically adjusting contrast and image brightness, resulting in clear and detailed footage even under challenging weather conditions.

Pricing and Availability

The eagerly awaited Canon MS-500 SPAD Sensor Camera is set to hit the market in September 2023, carrying an estimated retail price of $25,200.00*. For more information about this revolutionary camera, interested parties are encouraged to visit

In conclusion, the Canon MS-500 represents a groundbreaking leap in surveillance technology, redefining what is possible in ultra-high-sensitivity cameras. With its cutting-edge SPAD sensor, broadcast lens compatibility, and an array of custom picture functions, the MS-500 is set to empower security professionals, law enforcement agencies, and various industries with unprecedented capabilities for accurate and reliable monitoring in even the most challenging scenarios. As the world’s first ultra-high-sensitivity interchangeable-lens SPAD sensor camera, the Canon MS-500 stands at the forefront of innovation, solidifying Canon’s position as a pioneering force in the digital imaging solutions industry.

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