As is the tradition, Apple’s major special event in September is when the company unveils its new iPhones. However, this year, it seems we might also have some surprises in the form of new models of the Apple Watch, including a stunning new design for the Apple Watch Ultra.

Expectations are high, and unless something completely unexpected happens, we are anticipating the announcement of the much-awaited iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max this fall. The only thing left to know is exactly when this will happen.

Recently, a report has surfaced suggesting that the unveiling date might change slightly. According to renowned tech journalist Filipe Espósito from 9to5Mac, the publication has received information from “multiple sources” indicating that mobile carriers have instructed their employees not to take the day off on Wednesday, September 13, “due to a major smartphone announcement.” Though Apple is not mentioned explicitly, it’s not difficult to connect the dots: no rival manufacturer would dare to launch a phone when all the attention is focused on Apple. Furthermore, there are no expectations of new models from other brands at this time of the year.

In my previous post, I made predictions about the presentation date, considering either Wednesday, September 6, or Tuesday, September 12. While I had hoped for the former, I also acknowledged that things were still in flux and no final decision had been made. Now, with this new information, it appears that there will be a change in the previously expected date.

Uncertainty and speculations are part of the excitement surrounding every Apple event. Fans of the brand, as well as technology enthusiasts in general, will be eagerly waiting to find out the exact date of the product reveal and when they will be available for purchase.

In the meantime, the mystery and expectations will only continue to grow. What does Apple have in store for us at its special September event? Only time will tell. For now, we’ll stay tuned for any other clues or information that emerges to keep our readers updated. Get ready for the next wave of Apple’s innovation!

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