Yatra AquaTune 5712

AquaTuneI love to listen to music while in the shower, I have even been caught singing while showering, albeit horribly. However listening to the music in the shower isn’t as easy as it may seem. Especially living in NYC where bathrooms turn into Saunas in the winter, which has ruined 2 Bluetooth speakers, and a 3rd waterproof speaker (TDK) couldn’t hold a charge for more than 10 minutes after 6 months of use.

So I was a bit excited when the AquaTune showed up, but at the same time, I was worried it was just another waterproof speaker that will sound badly, with horrible battery life.

But I was mistaken, first the sound quality is amazing. Almost as good as my JBL Charge and Amazon Echo.

The battery life was equally as good, it lasted a week of showers on one charge. Myself, and my Girlfriend used it regularly. We didn’t take it out much but during the last major snow-storm we had here in NYC (3 feet of snow) I did use it outside while shoveling.

Overall the AquaTune 5721 is a great little speaker, the sound quality is amazing, the battery life excellent and so far it shows no wear and tear after nearly a month of daily use.

The AquaTune 5712 is available over at Amazon for $39.99.

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