Why I Went with T-Mobile

T-Mobile LogoT-Mobile is probably one of the best carriers out there, or as they like to call themselves the Un-Carrier. They are not the best Carrier I honestly feel Verizon is, but if T-Mobile continues to upgrade their network and doing the things they are doing they will be number 1 faster than we can say 4G.

I was once long, long ago a Verizon Wireless Customer, then they were Bell Atlantic, I switched to AT&T then Cingular which turned into AT&T then back to Verizon and Lastly Sprint and back to AT&T. I jumped from carrier to carrier because I wanted a phone specific to that carrier at the time. Now you really don’t need to jump ship for a phone as all carriers typically have the same phones now.

I finally landed on T-Mobile. What had caught my attention about T-mobile was their no-contract post-paid plan if you owned the phone outright. Since 90% of the time I would buy a phone outright, I loved the idea of post-paid with no-contract. I wasn’t sure if the service was great or not, but it had to be better than Sprints. With Sprint my previous carrier, it literally was hit or miss. I would often get voicemail alerts, but the phone never would ring, and text messages arrived 3 days later in some instances, this is in NYC Sprints service may be better but most likely shittier everywhere else.

I wasn’t disappointed with the T-Mobile service. Everywhere I went I had signal, even in basements where typically I had no signal. Now I won’t lie and say the signal was strong like Verizon’s it wasn’t but still I was able to get calls.

Then T-Mobile did something amazing, they started to allow you to use your phone internationally for free, basically if you were abroad and someone called you from the US or you called someone in the US, they wouldn’t charge you roaming, you even get data. Also, they added an international plan that allowed unlimited calling to some countries for as little as $10 a month. Something I jumped on.

But they did not end there, they added unlimited music streaming. Meaning even if you were not on an Unlimited data plan, T-Mobile gave you Unlimited data to stream Music. There is even a feature that lets you roll over data.

Now they have gone a step further, yesterday they announced Binge On, which will allow you to stream video from various services without using your Data. The only catch is you need to be on a 3GB data plan or higher.

Here is a full list of services where you can stream video from without going over your T-Mobile Caps:

What other carrier lets you do all this, and every couple of months blows your mind with great new features and services free or at a small additional fee.

I assure you T-Mobile will be the number 1 carrier in the US before you know it.

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