Vuzix Rolls-Out Shipments of iWear Video Headphones

Vuzix iwear video headphonesBack in October Vuzix shipped to developers the iWear Video Headphones, and today they have announced that the product is shipping to consumers.

The iWear video headphones allows for users to view, movies, listen to music and even enough virtual reality. “We are excited to begin consumer shipments of the iWear Video Headphones,” said Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vuzix. “We are fulfilling orders quickly now and anticipate strong demand going forward.”

“The iWear Video Headphones reflect our pursuit of providing one of the best entertainment and gaming experiences that users can find. Its portability and compatibility allow people to enjoy their video headphones on almost any platform. Whether it’s a gaming console, iPhone, VR application, computer or even drones, with the appropriate receiver, the user can just plug the iWear in and enhance their gaming or entertainment experience,” Mr. Travers added. “It also makes the perfect gift.”

For more information visit Vuzix.

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