How to Successfully Market a Gaming Website in a Saturated Marketplace

Gaming is huge right now. Millions of kids and adults spend their leisure time absorbed in online gaming universes, often to the detriment of their real life responsibilities. For a game developer, this is a good thing, but with so much competition out there, it can be hard to catch the attention of potential customers, particularly when promoting your products on marketplaces such as Steam. So what is the best way to successfully market your new indie games and generate lots of traffic to your website?

Design a Great Website

Online marketplaces are useful, but it is a good idea to put a lot of effort into creating an attractive website where customers can buy the game. Any money you make from selling games via your website is money is more revenue for you.

Firstly, your website should be a good fit for the games you are trying to market. It is important that you create the right impression from the moment a customer clicks on to the home page.

Use standout graphics and screenshots that really bring the game to life. The more exciting your website is, the more excited people will be to try the game.

Have a simple ‘buy it now’ link, preferably using a globally recognized payment service such as PayPal, so customers don’t have to mess about if they want to buy the game.
Write a detailed description of the game.

Tell customers what the technical requirements are to play the game, so they don’t waste their time downloading the game, only to discover it doesn’t work on their setup.

Include social links

Blog about your latest game development news.

Make sure customers can contact you via the website, preferably by something instant like Live Chat.

Use Videos to Market Your Game

Video is an exceptionally powerful marketing tool for online gaming. People spend a huge amount of time checking out videos for new and upcoming games, so spend time and money creating compelling video trailers for any games you have. This applies to games in development and those already available to buy. Conduct test runs of any game trailers you produce. This helps to ensure that your target audience is sufficiently excited to want to buy your game.

Create a Press Kit

Press releases featuring game screenshots, video marketing material and details of the game are important. Provide a media link on your website so reviewers and journalists can access your press material. And if your game has already generated interest online, link back to any reviews and positive web content.

Create a Social Media Buzz

Upload promotional videos to YouTube and link to them from your other social media accounts. The more time you spend promoting your games on popular social media websites, the better. Once people start talking about your games, traffic to your video content and website will increase dramatically.
If decide that you need some professional advice, an internet marketing agency such as can help you market your indie gaming website.

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