Review: STM Linear 15″ Shoulder Bag

STM Linear BagAs many of you know, I travel a lot and am always on the run. Being a blogger along with my regular 9 to 5 job I always need to have my laptop, tablet, with me at all times. For that reason, I am always on the look-out for a new bag. I prefer something that isn’t bulky, stylish and with loads of pockets.

Recently I was asked to check out some bags from STM, and while I normally detest writing reviews about bags, and leave that up to Radiris over at I decided that if the bag that arrived was nice looking, I’d do the review myself.

So I guess since you are reading this written by me, the bag looked great! When the grey with blue trim STM Linear 15″ shoulder bag arrived I was glad I decided to do the review myself. It reminded me of one of my favorite bags I ever had, which was stolen with a laptop and all at JFK airport about 6 years ago. (never put your bag down even if you’re sitting next to it.)

But back to the review, as I said the bag looks great, it’s grey with blue trim but not too much. It pretty much goes with anything you’d wear. The front of the bag is a little reflective, but nothing that would turn you off from the bag, and hey it adds a bit of safety to you if you walk around or ride a bike at night.

So what fits in it? I was able to get my laptop, two tablets, external charger, the power cable for my laptop and tablets as well as 5 pens, a notepad, business cards, my square reader and my go pro camera with selfie stick. (Yes I own a selfie stick please don’t shame me.)

With all that inside the bag, it didn’t feel as if it was fully loaded. Yes, I probably could not fit much more but if I did need to squeeze something in, it would have been able to get in. However, I am sure the bag would look overloaded and may not be as comfortable to carry. But with what I had in it, the bag looked great and it felt great on the shoulder.

So is it well built? I have had the bag a little under two weeks, so far no noticeable wear and tear. I did, however, get snagged on a fence when I arrive home a few days ago, but no snag is noticeable and no threads seem to have been yanked. So in my opinion, it’s well built and good quality. I will, however, update this review in a few weeks if there has been significant wear and tear that is beyond reasonable.

Overall the STM linear Laptop bag is fantastic, it’s a great bag for anyone. The bag is available over at Amazon for $62.00.


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