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Music MuffsA few weeks back I was channel surfing with my girlfriend and we landed on QVC and saw these Music Muffs, she fell in love with them immediately but me being who I am told her, they probably have horrible sound and aren’t comfortable. I told her if she wanted them she could buy them because I wouldn’t be wasting $35 dollars on them,

Fast forward a few weeks and I receive an email regarding Music Muffs, and I said what the hey let me try them out, and review them as well as have the ladies over at review them. Who knows maybe they are better than I think.

So they arrived, we received the Stephanie Marie color, and I have to say I was pretty impressed with how it looked. It really looked like a quality product. Then I took it out the plastic bag it came in, pulled on the muffs to extend them and put them on. That’s when it hit me, I wish they weren’t so girly looking so I could wear them. They were really comfy and they looked cool. Then suddenly they were yanked off my head from behind and my girlfriend squealed that they were adorable and she loved them.

Then she grabbed her phone and tried to pair it with iPhone via Bluetooth. I then dangled the cable in front of her and she said “Ohh”.

I then plugged it in for her and the look on her face was of pure joy, she handed the Music Muffs to me and I was quite impressed. The sound quality was amazing. It literally and I write this with a serious face, it literally sounded as good as my beast by dre solos. I take back everything negative I said about the Music Muffs when I saw them on QVC.

Then we placed a call, and the sound quality was fantastic as well. I could hear people clearly and no one complained about not hearing me, even though I went Verizon on them and kept asking “can you hear me now?”

While the weather isn’t that cold in NYC yet, my girlfriend wore the Music Muffs every day since they arrived. She loves them and she is stopped by so many people asking her where she got them, and when they find out they double as a headset they want them even more!

Music Muffs are available in 13 different styles. View the video below for them all.

The music muffs are available for $30.99 at QVC and starting at $34.99 over at Amazon some third parties have it for $25.10 on Amazon. Or you can purchase Music Muffs directly from Yatra if you have a PayPal account.

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