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Kinsa Thermometer
Smart Thermometer by Kinsa

A year or so ago I made a trip to my doctor while I was a bit under the weather. One of the first questions the Doctor asked me was “When did you start feeling this way?” I answered a few days ago, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure when I started to feel the way I did.

A few months back I heard about the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, which connects to your android smartphone tablet or iOS device. Since I buy any gadget that makes me home a bit more automated I plunked down $24.95 and amazon shipped one straight away to me.

When it arrived the first thing I did was set it up. Which took about 5 minutes. You have to use an adapter to calibrate the thermometer to your phone. Once it was calibrated and everything was set up, I proceeded to take my temperature 5 times orally and under the armpit. For obvious reasons, I skipped the anal temperature testing part.

Each time I was told my temperature was within normal range and it varied between 97.5 and 99.3.  I compared the Kinsa Smart Thermometer to a regular Glass Thermometer and a digital Thermometer I have and each time the temps were the same or different by .1 degrees. However, Kinsa did take a bit longer to get a temperature reading.

Kinsa App

Fast forward three to four weeks I got sick. I felt really hot and had cold sweats. Took my temperature and it was normal. In the app, you are able to even select the symptoms you are having which I did. When I went to the doctor on October 6th I was able to show him the hours and times of my temperature and even the symptoms I was experiencing at those times. The Doctor loved it, he wasn’t aware of the Kinsa Smart Thermometer and loved that it not only kept track of my temperature but as well as the symptoms.

Kid getting temperature takenThe Kinsa Smart Thermometer is also great for kids. Jay who is pictured to your left hates getting his temperature taken, be it in his mouth, under his arm or anally. However due to the mini game that he can play while his temperature is being taken. It’s much easier to get his temperature.

I mainly used the Kinsa on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Note 5, and while the app and the thermometer worked great. It was a little annoying getting the prompt about increasing your volume for it to work correctly. Then another prompt about high volume hurting your ears. There was no such issue on the iPhone. But again both apps worked flawlessly for me.

Overall the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is fantastic and I give it a 5-star Rating. The thermometer is available at your local target for $19.99 as well as on

There is also an in-ear version, which I would like to try out pretty soon. Perfect for newborns and toddlers who just can’t stay still.

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