Review: Farming Simulator 2015 Just got Real

Saitek Controller
Saitek Controller

Last month, it was announced that Farming Simulator 2015 had gone Gold and that a realistic controller from Saitek’s had been released.

Since then we have been able to get our hands on both the game and the controller, which works with both Farming Simulator 2015 and Microsoft Flight Simulator, and I have to say I wish I was a farmer who drove tractors that can fly because it’s an amazing device.

The first thing I did was set it up, and it’s very easy. Unlike other steering wheels I have used in the past, where you either place them on a table or sit on a piece of plastic attached to the bottom to hold it in place. You can actually attach the Saitek controller to a table, or in my case the entertainment center, with the built in clamps.

Once everything was set up, I was ready to play. However, I ran into a road bump. My 1-year-old saw the steering wheel and pedal, sat in the chair I had placed in front of it and took over. 5 hours later he fell asleep.

After the wait, I loaded up Farming Simulator as well as (Flight Simulator X) and spent hours playing. But I did have some issues, during the initial setup of the game. I am unsure why but it took multiple attempts to get the game to detect the controller. But once it detected it I did not have any further issues.

Game-play with the Saitek controller was very realistic. At times, I felt as if I was really driving farming equipment and farming.  I even dawned some overalls and a straw hat as I played the game.

I also used the Saitek on Flight Simulator X and it worked well, but didn’t seem as realistic since there was a steering wheel in front of me, even if it was not used much during gameplay of Flight Simulator X.

Overall the Saitek controller for Farming Simulator is a must have, I never knew I would enjoy a farming simulator, and thought the game was kind of boring before I used the controller to play it.

The controller is available on for $299

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