Music Muff Kickstarter Program

I am a huge fan of Music Muffs, I have three pairs. Well, actually I don’t have any pairs three women in my life have three pairs. Check out our Music Muffs review.

But I have to say they are some of the coolest headpones I have ever had the chance of playing with, and if there were a Uni-sex version I’d be rocking them all over NYC.

Right now Yatara the makers of Music Muffs have a KickStarter program up and running to help fund music muffs. You can pledge anywhere from 10 – 1000 dollars. (If you pledge a 1,000 can I be 1 of your 6 invites.

Check out the Music Muffs Kickstarter Program and help them kick start their Music Muffs.

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