Monsters Selfie Case for iPhone 6/6s

Selfie Case
Selfie Case

I will start this piece off by saying, I hate selfie sticks I hate the idea of them and I am glad they are banned at places like Disney. So when I got my hands on the Selfie Case from Monster, I vomited in my mouth and was forced to swallow it, as my girlfriend immediately snatched it out of my hand and put it on her phone.

I thought great a case designed specifically for selfies and dreaded having to write about it. But after only a few hours in her possession I began to see, she was using it for more than just selfies. In fact, she hadn’t used it for a selfie at all.

Selfie Case stuck to a Microwave

The first thing she used it for, at least that I noticed she used it for was while she was making dinner. Her mom had text her some ingredients and she stuck the phone to the microwave above the stove, so she could read the ingredients. She even made a facetime call to her mom from the side of the microwave.

I then saw her watching a YouTube video on how to curl your hair properly as she curled her hair. I know it’s called a Selfie Case but it definitely isn’t just for selfies, and if it were her writing this she’d recommend it to everyone.

I personally don’t see myself using it, but I am jealous she can watch Netflix while she combs her hair in the mirror.

The case sticks easily to every surface I attached it to with the exception of course of wood.


You can get your hands on a Selfie Case over at Amazon.

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