Monster Powercard

Monster Powercard

I am always on the go, so I have my share of portable chargers. From bulky ones that way a ton, to my favorite that I snagged off the Home Shopping Network one night while in bed. (Instacharge Slim)

Recently I was able to get my hands on the Monster Powercard and while really light weight and stylish it isn’t the best portable charger on the Market. However I will admit it did bring my phone to a 70% charge (Samsung Galaxy Note 5) from 15%, and it did so quickly.

However after one charge, it was done. It also, in my opinion, lacks some features. I think it would be a lot better off with a built in cable to charge and get rid of the power button. My Instacharge portable battery automatically starts charging as soon as I plug in my device. The Powercard however, has a on/off button. I have been come so use too to other portable chargers automatically begin to charge my device once Plugged in. The first two times I used the powercard I thought it was broken because my phone did not charge. Then when I looked at the powercard I noticed its on/off button.

Monster touts the powercard as being big enough to power your device but small enough to fit in your wallet. I would not stick this in my wallet it’s not thin enough.

Overall it’s a great charger, it charges your phone quickly and should give you enough power to get you through the day. But from a big name like Monster I expected more than just style.

Amazon has the power card available for sale starting at $10.98 depending on the color.

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