Hoverboards Illegal, This time in NSW

If you planned to visit North South Wales in Australia, and you bring your hoverboard with you, you might get a ticket or even have your hoverboard confiscated.

After the NYPD a week ago announced that Hoverboards were illegal in NYC, the NSW roads minister said the same thing according to Sky News.

Hoverboards which can cost up to $1000 here in NYC are still for sale in stores such as Game Stop, the legality of the sale isn’t an issue just using them on the streets are.

I am sure the popular scooter (which technically isn’t a hoverboard) will be banned in more places. I for one can attest that I have almost been run over by someone on a Hoverboard and also on a Uni-Scooter which is similar to the hoverboards but has only one wheel in the middle.

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