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HIDEit Mount XBox OneShortly before the Holidays I in the middle of a move and was planning how I wanted my living room. The idea was to wall mount the TV and get floating shelves from Home Depot for the cable box, Xbox One and Playstation 4. But it was as if it were fate. I got an email about HIDEit Mounts asking me if I’d be interested in checking them out, and of course, I said why not!

A few weeks later, three HIDEit Mounts showed up on my doorstep, one for each of my devices. (Cable Box, XBox One, and PS4).

I noticed right away that the XBox One mount was identical to the Cable Box mount, which  makes sense pretty much the same dimensions. The mount for the PS4 was noticeably different. They all seemed to be made solidly and weren’t heavy but seemed heavy duty.

Installing them was a cinch I was able to get my Cable Box and Xbox One installed on my wall in less than 30 minutes and the PS4 in less than 15. It took me longer with the Xbox One and Cable Box because I was installing them at an odd position.

Everything worked great and looked fine for two weeks, then I started to have issues with the Xbox One. Apparently it did not like playing games and or movies in the position I had it in. Luckily it’s easy to take off the mount and put it back on when I am done playing. But this is more of a Microsoft Issue than one of HIDEit Mount.

Visit http://hideitmounts.com/ for more information and to find a mount for your device.

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