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I have tried multiple monthly subscription services, from Five Four club to Loot Crate. I was always curious to try one of the various food box subscription services but never could bring myself to actually sign up. That was until a friend of mine shared a link for a free box from Hello Fresh.

I signed up on a Tuesday and asked for delivery that Saturday. Then I began to wait. I started to think, this will be another Five Four Club where I never actually like the clothing, but it’s too time-consuming to cancel I’ll end up spending 70 dollars a week on stuff I won’t eat. (Side Story, I literally had to call my bank to stop Five Four club from billing me. Mind you they didn’t ship for two months)

By the time Friday came I had all but forgotten that I signed up for hello fresh, and would not have known it was coming on Saturday if it wasn’t from the Alert from my FedEx app which showed an incoming delivery from Hoboken NJ.

Finally, Saturday arrived and at around 10 am Fedex just dropped off a box on my front step.

Hello Fresh PackagingIn my excitement, I forgot to take pictures of the shipment, but it came neatly packed with ice packs covering the meat. They were still frozen when they arrived and all ingredients seemed fresh.

Each meal is packed in its own small box, and included in the box is a recipe for each.

20160229_194153The recipes were easy to follow however, I did overuse an ingredient here and there because the recipe didn’t specify to only use 1 packet of this or 1 packet of that. But other than that it was very easy for me to complete the recipe.

The meals did not take long to cook either, the longest prep and cook time was about 40 minutes with the shortest about 25, and while my food, the food I painstakingly cooked did not match exactly to the pictures provided on the recipe card, they were pretty damn close and I would assume equally delicious. In fact all the meals were delicious with the Korean Stir Fry being my favorite.

Bone in Pork Chop with Pears
Bone in Pork Chop with Pears
Korean Stir Fry
Korean Stir Fry

The entire process was fun, educational and delicious. Because of Hello Fresh I have found that my cooking skills have improved, and when I am shopping for ingredients I am buying ingredients I never purchased or used to cook, but always wanted too such as ginger. Heck, I didn’t even know white pepper excited.

Overall HelloFresh (Click the link for $40 off your first box) is king! and while I suspended my subscription to empty out the food in my fridge and figure out what plan is going to work best for me, I will be re-activating my account with them eventually and recommend the service to everyone. Especially those who want to learn how to cook, and single people living alone.

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