Congress Wants Answers from VTech after Hack

VTECH LOGOAs you may recall, VTech was hacked recently (November 24th/25th)  and the hacking exposed the information of 6.4 million children. Now congress wants to know, what type of information VTech collects from children under the age of 12 and how it manages and stores that information.

“This breach raises several questions about what information VTech collects on children, how that data is protects, and how VTech complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act,” Democratic Senator Edward Markey and Republican Representative Joe Barton said in the letter obtained by Reuters.

The breach which affected nearly 11 million people worldwide with more than 50 percent of those being in the US.

VTech on their website simply stated that they didn’t secure their server enough. Today VTech posted a full statement with all the products and websites affected as well as the total numbers of adults and children affected in each country. (Breakdown below)


Country Parent Accounts Child Profiles
United States 2,212,863 2,894,091
France 868,650 1,173,497
United Kingdom 560,487 727,155
Germany 390,985 508,806
Canada 237,949 316,482
Others 168,394 223,943
Spain 115,155 138,847
Belgium 102,119 133,179
Netherlands 100,828 124,730
Republic of Ireland 40,244 55,102
Latin America 28,105 36,716
Australia 18,151 23,096
Denmark 4,504 5,547
Luxembourg 4,190 5,014
New Zealand 1,585 2,304
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