Boost Mobile Ups the Ante

Today Boost Mobile announced that it has improved their offerings, and for a limited time are offering new customers who opt for the family plan a free smartphone when they buy one.

Check out the deals blow.

New multi-line options and additional add-on services include:


  • Boost Family Plan: Boost is launching family plan options1 including two lines for $70 a month – all with unlimited talk, text and data and 5GB of high-speed data per line. Additional plans include three lines for $90 a month or four lines for $100 a month – all with unlimited talk, text and data and 1.5GB of high-speed data per line.


  Best Value Need More Data?
  1.5GB of high-speed data per line1 5GB of high-speed data per line1
Line 2 $70/month

($35 each line)


($35 each line)

Line 3 $90/month

($30 each line)


($31.67 each line)

Line 4 $100/month

($25 each line)


($30 each line)


  • Buy One Get One Free: Available for a limited time in participating Boost retail stores, new customers can get up to two free smartphones when activating a family plan2.


  • Mexico Roaming and International Calling: Boost plans now work in the U.S. and Mexico. For $5 more a month, customers can now get unlimited talk and text to and from Mexico with up to 8GB3 of data while roaming in Mexico.


  • $5 credit every month with Boost Dealz app: This exclusive, free androidapplication4 lets customers view offers, special deals and ads, plus get a $5 credit for each month the application is active on their smartphone. Boost Dealz displays offers at various times customers unlock their screen to use their smartphone.


Keeping customers connected:


  • Boost Premier: Customers get payment flexibility and receive 14 extra days to pay after their payment due date before service is interrupted. In addition, customers receive free incoming calls and text messages even if they have not paid for up to 60 days5.


Best value in Data:


  • $5 off with Auto Re-Boost: Receive a $5 discount6 off any current Boost Mobile plan after enrolling in Auto Re-Boost. Boost’s automatic payment method allows a customer to register a credit card or debit card, or bank account withBoost Mobile, which will be used to automatically make a payment each month.


  • Growing high-speed data: Earn up to 3GB more high-speed data a month by making on-time payments. Every third on-time payment earns an extra 500MB of high-speed data. Customers can earn up to 3GB of high-speed data after 18 on-time payments. After 18 on-time payments, customers on the $35 plan will get 5GB of high-speed data, or, if on the $45 plan, 8GB of high-speed data.


  • Free mobile hotspot: Mobile hotspot is now included on all plans. The data is drawn from the monthly plan’s high-speed data allotment7, making it easy to turn a customer’s phone8 into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Customers may connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices.


  • Unlimited streaming music: Stream music9 through your Boost Mobile smartphone without it counting against your high-speed data allotment. Streaming currently works with Pandora, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, Samsung Milk Music and 8tracks, with more music providers coming soon.
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