Backed my First Kickstarter Project Ever

Tonight I finally backed my first Kickstarter project ever. While I have been interested in a lot of projects on Kickstarter and Indigogo, I never backed a project. I waited for it to be released. The reason for my never backing a project is because I don’t like to feel like a Beta Tester when I pay for something, and I also hate having to wait for something that may or may not come. Just look at Plastc, I’ve been waiting for them to release that card since it was announced, and Netatmo with their Wind Guage (although Netatmo wasn’t on Kickstarter or Indigogo).

But today I finally found a project that made me not want to wait to drop some money on it. I just dropped a whopping $18 US Dollars or $25 AUD Dollars on the LMCable. It’s a charging cable that works on both iOS and Mini USB devices. So now 1 Cable for my iPad and Note 5 WOOT! Check the video below and I recommend you back it as well.

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