Amazon Dot is Here

If you are an Amazon Alexa fan and owner, you probably Pre-ordered Amazon Echo Dot like I did and it should have arrived today.
Mines arrived and the first thing I did was set her up. Which was surprisingly quick compared to what I remember the first Echo (Alexa) took. All in all, it took less than 30 seconds to set up.

The Amazon Echo Dot is exactly like Amazon Echo (Alexa) (click here for review) the only difference is, it’s 1/4th the size and it requires speakers. I have mines connected to a Bluetooth speaker setup, although you can connect it via an aux cable pretty much to any speaker system you may have. It’s actually perfect for home entertainment centers. Now if only you could tell it to turn on your television like you can with the Xbox One and the Kinect.

If you already have an Amazon Echo, you will not need to re-add your smart devices such as lights etc for Dot to control them. I do however recommend you use different wake names for each Dot and Echo you may have, especially if there is a possibility of more than one being to hear you, at once.

The Dot is available from Amazon for $89.99 and its a definite must have for your smart home.  Currently, oyu must order it through your Amazon Echo (Alexa). An Amazon Echo isn’t required for Dot to work but that is the only one to get one currently.

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