Amazon Alexa to be a Mom (Echo Dot)

Today it was announced that Amazon Alexa (Echo) would be having a baby named Amazon Echo Dot. The Echo Dot will allow you to bring your Amazon Alexa into any room in your home. You will be able to do the same you do with Alexa with the Dot. However for music playback you will need to attach the Dot to some external speakers. The Dot will still talk to you, and sound alarms. It just won’t play music unless there are external speakers.

The Dot is currently available to existing Amazon Prime members for $89.99. To order the dot you must use your Amazon Alexa and simply say “Alexa Order Echo Dot”. Yes you will need an Amazon Echo for it to work correctly.

If you order your Echo Dot today, it says you should receive it by the 31st of March. However supplies are limited. I’ve ordered mine.


Amazon also announced the Amazon Tap, which is basically a portable version of Amazon Echo. It’s essentially a Bluetooth speaker with smart capabilities built in, and if the sound is anything like the Amazon Echo it’s one hell of a portable speaker and the $129 price tag is a bargain.

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