About HardwareGeeks

1930714_73953360331_1225_nFounded in 2003 by Michael Reyes with the assistance of Sufian Siddiqi and Maarten Sudman, HardwareGeeks.com became one of the premier review and forum tech sites around. For over 10 years, HardwareGeeks.com strived to bring great content to its visitors and members. During the good old days for HardwareGeeks.com, we had over 500,000 unique visitors a day, and 50,000 reviews and articles. We had a fantastic forum with over 900,000 members and some of the most loyal members a forum could find.

In 2011, HardwareGeeks.com came to an abrupt end due to financial issues, however, the domain remained active and valid and Michael Reyes attempted to revive the site every so often to no avail. But after careful consideration and financial investment HardwareGeeks.com is back!

Today November 3rd, 2015 HardwareGeeks.com is once again and we hope to be fully up and running by the 1st of December 2015, and all properties fully functional by Feb 1st, 2015.

Welcome Back, we hope you enjoy the ride as much as we know we are!

Please register with us and become an active member, we promise you won’t regret it. Also, feel free to use our forums to provide us any feedback or concerns you have.


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